Customize Collection Letter Mailings
You can customize how the past due notices are mailed. Choose from USPS Certified Mail with Tracking; Red, Check Stock, or Tan Paper; or add National Change of Address (NCOA).
No Fine Print
Your debt collection account is never forced into contingency collection like other websites. Plus there are never any hidden fees, charges, membership dues or minimums.

0% Contingency Fee
This isn't your traditional debt collection agency program. You're in control of the debt collection process and you keep 100% of all money collected.
Collection Agency Past Due Letters
All collection letters are sent by a licensed debt collection agency on their letterhead. You select how many past due letters to send and the collection agency takes care of the rest.

Sit Back, Relax
We understand the debt collection process can be frustrating but that's why you chose us. Let the debt collection agencies handle the grunt work for you, just tell them what to do.
Online Debt Collection Placement
Easy and instant online collection agency placement. With online debt collections, just enter a few details about the debtor and send a past due letter today!

How We Earn Our Fee
You select and pay up front for the debt collection services you want. You keep 100% of all money collected. No commissions. No hidden costs. No minimums. Just straight forward collection agency services.
Make Your Phone Ring
The debt collection letters instruct your debtors to call you directly. No other collection agency offers you the ability to get paid directly and report to credit bureaus.

No Judgment Required
A judgment is not required to submit an account to a debt collection agency. The debt must be valid and legally owed with back up documentation for proof of debt.
Debt Collection Activity
Unlike other collection agencies, you see all of the debt collection activity for each account. Every phone call, report to credit bureau date, and scheduled debt collection letter can be viewed.

Time & Patience
Debt collection takes time. There's usually a reason a debtor couldn't pay you initially and they still may not be able to. Send debt collection letters and report to credit bureaus, this will increase your chances of collection.
Secure Collection Agency
All debt collection information submitted is encrypted and secure with If you opt to report to the credit bureaus your data is also securely submitted.

Stick It To 'Em
Report to credit bureaus including Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Selecting to report to credit bureaus warns other creditors and helps get you paid.
Erase The Debt
You decided to report to the credit bureaus and you have the control to erase it. Just update the debt collection account for credit bureau deletion.

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